About us

elite united Trading

The foundation of the Elite United Trading Foundation 2018 dates back to the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. And it is considered one of the leading companies that was established on the land of the Kingdom at that time. And it still plays a leading role in the field of iron supply and manufacture in the Arab Gulf, Middle East and North Africa regions.

Elite United Trading  is the main artery for all iron-operating companies, which seeks to diversify its business related mainly to the field of iron and steel industry, in addition to many other services.


Elite United Trading provides many products with the highest specifications for the benefit of its valued customers, Which vary according to the diversity of their interests and demands that are met by our workers and our deep experiences. Our current position in the labor market gives us the ability to deal with reliable sources of materials, Both at the level of global iron manufacturers, Or through the valuable partnerships we conclude with the leading local steel mills.

We believe in our success, which we achieved five decades ago, in constructing an institution capable of sustainable growth and capable of accommodating the region’s plans and its long-term development projects, and we are well positioned to enhance our chances of success and face all the challenges that we will encounter at the local market level.